About GooeyNet Company

GooeyNet Company is a software development company based in the Seattle area. It was established in May 2004 as a combination ecommerce and software development with the partnership of Siggi Bjarnason and Janet Badley. In 2006 Janet left to pursue other oppertunities and Siggi decided to focus the company on software development. We are a privately held company.

You can reach Siggi at See the contact us page for more details.

Siggi has been involved with the computer industry since the very early days of personal computers or for about 30 years. He holds a electronic technician degree and a BS in Computer Engineering. He spent over 10 years working at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA, as well as working for various other IT Companies before deciding to start his own business. He holds MCSE, CCNA and A+ certifications. He has over 15 years of networking background, specializing in Cisco and Juniper Networks.